[img_assist|nid=40|title=|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=80|height=80]What would your music taste look like as an object? Cloudspeaker is a conceptual work to create loudspeakers that reflect the music taste of their owner via 3d printing.
Nowadays listening to music over the computer is common. Information on what kind of music you like can be saved, evaluated and summed up in tags. Our concept uses this information and shapes it into your individualised loudspeaker.

The tags of most played music and a 10sec frequency spectrum of the 33 favourite songs has an impact on the shape of the body. To value the tags we categorized all common music styles regarding the parameters loud-silent, calm-vivid and soft-hard on a scale from 0-10 which then parametrically build the body.
Exemplarily for every loudspeaker possible we visualize our concept with three loudspeakers, one for a profile listening mainly to metal music, one for pop and the last for an ambient oriented user.
Project in Co-operation with Johanna Spath.

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